Post Citizenship Services

1. Passport Renewal

Global Services Inc. is well poised to assist with renewals of passports for all family members. We provide an easy, seamless process from the Passport application time to the new passports being couriered in Three (3) simple steps.

The general requirements are as follows:

  1. Provision of the expired or soon to be expired passport;
  2. Four (4) passport-sized photos;
  3. Completion of the passport forms;
  4. Payment of the relevant fees;

As soon as the passports are available for the Passport and Immigration Office in Grenada, they will be couriered to you! Contact us, let us help!

2. Citizenship Applications


We are experienced and capable to assist with the registration of minor children ( 0- under 18 years) who are born to Grenadian citizenship. The general requirements are for a minor, includes:

  1. Birth certificates of minor;
  2. Parents birth certificates;
  3. Four (4) passport-sized photos;
  4. Completion of the application form;
  5. Medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner;

Spouse through Marriage

We take pleasure in assisting Grenadian citizens who are desirous of obtaining citizenship for their spouse after marriage, for which the following documents are required:

  1. Birth certificate of the applicant;
  2. Birth certificate for Grenadian spouse;
  3. Marriage certificate;
  4. Copy of applicant’s passport bio page;
  5. Completion of the application form;
  6. Letter of consent;

3. Apostilling and Notarial Services

Our experienced and competent Attorneys are ready to assist with your notarial requests. We also have a long-standing relationship with the relevant Government Ministry, to get your documents Apostille, with a quick turnover time. Contact us today!

4. Driver's licenses application

We are happy to assist Grenadian citizenship holders to obtain their permanent driver’s license in Grenada, the

Required documents

  1. Completion of the application form;
  2. Original driver’s license from the country the applicant currently resides;
  3. The applicant must be physically present in Grenada for the license to be issued

5. Incorporation (Set up) of a local company

Setting up your local company has never been easier. We pride ourselves on providing quick and efficient service, contact us today.

  1. Proposed name of the company;
  2. Two (2) alternate names;
  3. The proposed business the company will carry on or operate;
  4. Names of the proposed directors and shareholders of the proposed company;
  5. The Registered address of the company;
  6. Certified coloured copy of passport and drivers license or national ID;

6. Lost Citizenship Certificate

We assist clients who have lost their citizenship certificate to obtain your certificate in record time, here are the requirements:

    1. Submission Letter requesting replacement of lost Certificate; (this will be prepared by our Office)
    2. Proof of payment of US$475.00 (to be deposited  in the CBI Account );
    3. Original Treasury Receipt of EC $50 paid to the Government of Grenada in the name of the client;
    4.   Original Statutory Declaration/Affidavit/ Police Report of lost certificate;
    5. Certified color copy of Grenada Passport for each person/applicant.  (Bio Page)

7. Marriage Application

Requirements for Nationals

  1. Complete application form;
  2. Provide original Birth Certificate;
  3. Pay Treasury fee ($50.00 E.C.)
  4. Pay stamp fee ($15.00 E.C.)

Requirements for Non-nationals

  1. Must be resident in the State at least three (3) days before applying for Marriage License;
  2. Complete the required application form;
  3. Provide birth certificate and passport for both parties;
  4. Provide a notarized certificate attesting that the parties involved have never been
  5. married prior, in cases where the parties involved are divorced, the final document
  6. with seal or a notarized copy must be provided.
  7. Pay Treasury fee ($100.00 E.C.)
  8. Pay stamp fee ($15.00 E.C.)

8. Name change

We specialize in assisting clients to change of names under the Citizenship by Investment program. This procedure takes about three (3) to four (4) weeks after submission to the relevant agency. The following documents are required to apply for a name change.

  1. Name change application can only be made 12 months from or after the date of the grant of citizenship;
  2. Submit a Deed Poll with the change of name for the Applicant’s country of origin to our team;
  3. A letter from the Applicant, clearly stating the reason for the name change;
  4. Certified copies of passport and ID card issued in the new name;
  5. Police Character certificate in new name;
  6. Original citizenship certificate;
  7. Original Grenada permanent residence certificate, if applicable;
  8. Completed Form 3 and Passport applications;
  9. Twelve (12) passport sized photographs;

9. No objection letters

Do you require a no objection letter? We are here to help
Here are the simple steps:

  1. Client provides instructions on their request;
  2. Our office will write to the Immigration and Passport Department, with the No Objection Letter request;
  3. Upon approval, the Immigration and Passport Department in Grenada will contact the relevant authorities in the Country in whom the client intents the request to made;
  4. Our office will inform the client when the request is completed.

10. Opening Bank Account

  1. Certified/notarized copies of two (2) valid Photographic Identification (one must be passport and the others can be National ID, Valid Passport, Driver’s License, any State ID that contains a photograph and date of birth);
  2. Proof of Address;
  3. Minimum Deposit of USD $1,000.00 for a US account;
  4. Statement of source of wealth
  5. Bank Reference letters (For each signatory);
  6. Police records for each signatory, from country where the Applicant has resided for more than 2 years;
  7. Stamp duty – $3.00 ($1.50 x 2)

Please note that the following documents (not signed in the presence of a Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited Official) must be notarized

8. Personal Account Application Form (To be completed by each signatory);
9. Grenada Co-operative Bank E-Banking Terms and Conditions Banking Form;
10. Grenada Co-operative Bank E-Banking Personal Application Form;
11. Completed Beneficial Ownership Form;
12. Agreement re operation of account;
13. Completed Signature Card (For each signatory);

11. TIN Application (registration for an ID in inland revenue)

Individual Application

  1. Individual Registration Form to be signed by the Applicant;
  2. If the client invested in a property that is a part of a rental pool and there is a title document for the property, then we can use a copy of the purchase and sale agreement. However, if the client did not invest in a rental pool and apply through the donation option, then we can use the company documents to apply for the TIN Number.

12. Wills

We are just click or call away from assisting our clients who will be happy to assist you in preparation and execution of wills.

What will you need:

  1. Provide our experience attorney with you clear written instructions;
  2. Indicate who the executors are and the current address and telephone number;

Upon completion of the draft will, the client is required to review the content to ensure all is in order;

Two (2) witnesses are then required to witness the testator (rix) signing the will;

The witnesses will thereafter complete the witness affidavit

13. Real Estate Transaction

We are experienced in assisting clients with real estate transactions. We assist both the vendor and the purchaser in sale transactions:

Requirements for the Purchaser:

  1. Instructions from the client to act on their behalf;
  2. We will make arrangements for a site visit with the parties;
  3. A complete examination of the sale agreement prepared by the vendor, in the event that the purchaser is an Alien (Non- national) we will ensure that provisions are made in the sale agreement to obtain a licence;
  4. Arrangements for signing the sale agreement with a 10% deposit is required;

Most of the core processes to complete a sale transaction is completed by by office.

Requirement for the Vendor:

  1. Instructions from the client to act on their behalf;
  2. The vendor is required to provide their original title document and updated property tax receipts;
  3. Provide us with the purchase price for the property;
  4. Once the sale agreement is finalized, arrangement will be made for signing  and payment of 10% deposit;
  5. Upon the closure of sale, a statement of accounts and closing letter to the client, enclosing the cheque will be issued, this may differ if the client is paid through wire transfer or deposit slip.

Most of the core processes to complete a sale transaction is completed by our office.

14. Police Certificate Request

Documents Required:

  1. Completion of the application form;
  2. Cover letter from my office indicating the purpose of the police certificate and the request (I will prepare but please advise what is the purpose of the request);
  3. A full set of fingerprints – (The CBI Form 2 will NOT be accepted. The normal fingerprints taken by a police Office will be accepted);
  4. Three (3) passport-size photographs;
  5. A coloured copy the Grenadian passport;