Chen, Immigration Consultant, China

We have been working with Global Services Inc for many years. They have a wonderful team, efficient and profession. We had experience dealing with other local agent before but decided to work withGlobal Services Inc, as they constantly update us of the status of each application from the moment the case is submitted, till its approval. We are sure our clients are in good hands.

Corporate Solutions Limited, St. Kitts

We have long been engaged in Grenada as an Industry Marketing Agent, with Global Services Inc. Our experience has always been second to none. The Global Team is professional, reliable and supportive. We strongly recommend them as trustworthy industry leaders.

Elevay, Dubai, UAE

Elevay has worked with many attorneys and service providers in the CBI world but GlobalServicesInc.and the Principal behind it,(Afi Ventour de Vega) defines the true meaning of the vales of efficiency, client relations and reliability.Though simple words, they are very difficult to maintain, they are who defines that standard.

LIO GLOBAL, Cape Town, South Africa

We have been working with Global Services Inc. for many years now and are always impressed by their service, professionalism and delivery. Having a trusted team in Grenada is vital to the success of our business and Afi and her team are excellent!

Imperial Citizenship, Dubai, UAE

I have had the privilege of working with Afi and her team for several years now and I can only say that the service provided is out of this world. Very professional and organized and you can rely on them at any time.

David, RIF Trust Investments LLC, Dubai, UAE

As a licensed Marketing Agent under the Grenada CBI Program, it is essential that RIF TRUST (part of Latitude Group) works with trustworthy and effective Local Agents in Grenada. I am proud to say that we have successfully worked with Afi and the Global Team for almost Ten (10) years and she has consistently offered outstanding support for our clients which ensures the highest level of service from the start of the process until the clients receive their citizenship documents.

Vicky Xu, CEO, Areteos Family Office Holdings Ltd., Hong Kong, China

A profound thanks to Global Services Inc. Grenada, for all your invaluable services, expertise and guidance, throughout the Citizenship by Investment processes.

All of your hard work is irreplaceable to us. Thank you for your professionalism and continued support.