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Embrace luxury living in Grenada, a paradise spanning 133 square miles with breathtaking vistas from every corner

Challenge yourself with the ascent of Mount St. Catherine, the island’s highest peak at 2,757 feet, or indulge in the serene beauty of cascading waterfalls and pristine beaches. With a warm climate, friendly locals, and low crime rates, Grenada is more than an island—it’s an unparalleled real estate investment opportunity.

In Grenada, real estate isn’t just about ownership; it’s a gateway to economic prosperity. As a major contributor to the country’s GDP, real estate investment diversifies foreign exchange earnings, elevates living standards, and fuels job creation. For high-net-worth investors, it provides access to economic assets with vast development potential and security in fixed assets.

The definition of ‘real estate’ in Grenada encompasses residential, commercial, and agricultural areas, with ownership classifications as state-owned (crown lands) or private. Land, deeply ingrained in Grenadian society, has historically been a symbol of wealth, emphasising the enduring value of estates over time.

Amidst a robust market, the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program facilitates accessible real estate investments. Partner with the government of Grenada in approved high-net-worth projects, focusing on the flourishing tourism and hospitality sectors. From residential developments to commercial projects, the options are abundant for discerning investors.

Apart from an investment project, a citizen of Grenada is entitled to invest in properties as part of one’s investment and wealth portfolios. This is good news because Grenada boasts some of the world’s most scenic views and many of our prime properties are on dramatic peninsulas. Whether for permanent residences or vacation homes, you can purchase vacant land and build. Also, the emergence of luxury villas, condominiums and townhomes offers other appealing property ownership options.

While opportunities for real estate purchase are available throughout the seven parishes, certain areas attract different types of projects. To illustrate, the parish of St. George assumes 70% of Grenada’s real estate sales. It is the primary locale for acquiring premium residential or commercial assets. Presently, St. George is home to luxurious developments which were organised through the Citizenship by Investment Program. These include Hideaway True Blue Condominiums, Mount Cinnamon Resort, Mariposa Condominiums, Silversands Resort and The Point at Petite Calivigny.

In contrast, St. David shows an ever-increasing growth in property sales. Its popularity is quite understandable as in addition to residential and commercial real estate, it boasts agricultural lands—all with a more moderate price point. It’s an excellent time for investment too as the parish stands on the cusp of expansion with several major projects like Westerhall Point, La Sagesse and Point Marquis currently in the works. It is also home to another Citizenship by Investment development featuring two exclusive international hotel brands, the Six Senses Resort and the InterContinental Hotel. Of course, St. Andrew, St. Patrick, St. Mark, St. John and Carriacou with their distinctive features render interesting opportunities.

Grenada is trending, and this year, we anticipate that our visitor figures will surpass those of previous years. This is truly exciting because, historically, more visitors to the island result in a spike in annual real estate sales. Activity over the last five years is a clear indication. For example, with over 800 real estate transactions in 2019, the island’s annual sales figures hit a record high. The considerable increase compared to the preceding four years is attributed to a more active tourist season.

Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions resulted in some decline the following year, but the market has steadily recovered. The Grenada Real Estate Market Report – 2023 documents a climb in real estate sales during 2021. Moreover, the report which is published by Century 21 Grenada Grenadines Real Estate, also reveals an incline in the number of transactions from the previous year. Furthermore, it indicates that sales volume in 2022 was US$75,208,719. Admittedly, there was a slight reduction in the figures compared to 2021—a mere difference of 7%. Despite this variation, it is evident that there is a significant amount of interest in real estate.

Explore the possibilities of real estate investment with Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program. Visit our website for details on the program and the investment process. Paradise awaits you!

Stay tuned for part two of a three-part conversation on Grenada real estate where we spotlight local real estate agents.

Source: Grenada Real Estate Market Report – 2023

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