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Why is Grenada the ideal choice for investment migration?
Here are three reasons

Grenada, situated in the southernmost Lesser Antilles, is celebrated for its tranquil allure, temperate climate, and sociable ambiance. The island’s captivating beaches and lush mountains seamlessly blend with its people, proud custodians of a rich cultural heritage. Notably, Grenada boasts one of the Caribbean’s lowest crime rates, rendering it an appealing prospect for those contemplating a second home or retirement.

Yet, what about investment? Can Grenada be deemed ideal for investment migration? This question warrants a closer examination of critical factors, particularly if considering the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program. Concerns may revolve around the country’s stability, infrastructure, and international relations, and we’ll delve into these aspects more closely.

Political Stability:

In an era marked by prolonged unrest in various nations, Grenada distinguishes itself with enduring political stability. The 2022 elections exemplified a commitment to the democratic process, showcasing a seamless transition to new leadership. This political amicability is crucial, impacting the safety, security, and specifically, the business sector.

Moreover, with a youthful and innovative administration, Grenada stands on the precipice of change. The government’s passion for strengthening economic activity is evident through initiatives fortifying policies in areas such as infrastructure and international relations.

Sustainable Infrastructure:

Grenada’s unwavering dedication to elevating its citizens’ standard of living is reflected in continual enhancements to telecommunications, energy, and education. The recent budget reveals intentions to support renewable energy sources and incentivize ‘green’ policies in the transport sector. Several roadworks projects are detailed, aiming to transform the island’s economic and social architecture.

Strong International Relations:

Undoubtedly, Grenada maintains robust relations regionally and internationally. As a member of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Caricom, Grenada solidifies its presence and financial strength in the Caribbean. Citizens benefit from privileges offered by these organizations, enhancing their standard of living.

Internationally, Pure Grenada boasts strong ties with countries like the United States, Canada, and the UK. Grenadian citizens enjoy visa-free access to over 117 countries, and a US treaty allows business owners E2-visa eligibility. Efforts are ongoing to cultivate relationships with nations like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and several African countries.

In conclusion, these three facets—political stability, sustainable infrastructure, and strong international relations—underscore why Grenada is an ideal choice for investment migration. As a parting thought, consider that Grenada’s passport ranks 71st globally (VisaGuide Passport Index) among over 195 countries. Explore the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program on our website.


Afi Ventour de Vega


Afi Ventour de Vega is an Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public and Managing Partner of the Grenadian law firm of Afi Ventour & Co. She is admitted to practice at the bars of Grenada and Barbados. As Chief Executive Officer of Global Services Inc., one of Grenada’s largest and leading Licensed Local Agents in the Citizenship by Investment Program.

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